How To Set Up And Use Your New Michael Kors Watch

by Murat Balci on June 08, 2023

Congratulations on making the excellent decision to purchase a Michael Kors watch. What should we do now? You probably won't be satisfied leaving it on a dresser or bookcase, so let us assist you in putting it to good use. Feeling intimidated by the prospect of setting up your new Michael Kors watch is unwarranted.

Whether you're looking for a Michael Kors men's watch or a Michael Kors women's watch, our simple guide is here to help. We will go over the same groundwork requirements, which are as follows:

  • How to Adjust the Time on Your Michael Kors Watch
  • What Size Battery Goes in A Michael Kors Watch
  • How To Change Michael Kors Watch Battery

How to Adjust the Time on Your Michael Kors Watch

Check the battery life of your Michael Kors watch before attempting to adjust the time. This ought to be obvious with a brand-new Michael Kors watch, but you should still check it out first. Go straight to this article's title "How to change the battery of your Michael Kors watch here" if you're in need of battery replacement instructions.

You can set the time on your Michael Kors watch once you've verified the battery is in good condition.

Here's an aid to go along with our 3 simple steps in case you need it.

  1. Pull the crown (the small knob on the side of the watch face) out of the head of the watch.
  2. Rotate the crown gently to change the hour and minute hands. Adjust the hands of the watch to the desired time.
  3. Return the crown back to the head of the watch. Ensure that the crown is reinserted into the watch's case, or your Michael Kors timepiece will cease to function and you will be tardy for the whole day.

In our article on the settings and manuals, you can find time and date settings for a wide range of Michael Kors watches.

What Size Battery Goes in A Michael Kors Watch

The type of battery your Michael Kors uses is a question we hear quite frequently. Michael Kors uses the battery models 395 and 371 in roughly equal proportions across their various watch models. It's not easy to tell without opening the watch and looking inside. On the market, these battery models are manufactured by a great number of brands.

How To Change Michael Kors Watch Battery

If the unfortunate day has come when the battery in your Michael Kors watch has died, you need not worry. Your Michael Kors watch is safe; you only need to replace the battery. Michael Kors watches typically have inexpensive batteries available for replacement. Always use the battery type suggested for your watch, as this may vary depending on the model. The name and model of the battery required by your Michael Kors watch should be engraved on the battery itself, which can be viewed by opening the watch case. You'll also need a watch back opener tool kit, which is available for purchase online for a low price and is essential for removing the back of your Michael Kors watch.

Caution: Before proceeding, please be aware that removing the back of your Michael Kors watch may cause scratches. Please exercise caution.
Caution: The water resistance of your Michael Kors watch may be compromised if the battery is replaced. We do not recommend that you replace your battery yourself; please visit a local jeweler to ensure that the watch is properly sealed so that it does not lose its water resistance.

Please follow the steps below if your watch has a snap-back case.

  1. Remove the back of your Michael Kors watch using a knife or a pair of thin tweezers, look for a raised lip on the back of the watch case and avoid scratching your timepiece. We advise using plastic tools if available.
  2. Remove the battery with care. Notate which side is facing up so that you can replace it properly.
  3. Substitute a new battery for the old one. Typically, the name and model of the battery are etched directly onto the watch battery. Verify that the watch is now functioning before continuing.
  4. Add the watch's back cover and close it. Take care not to lose or damage the rubber ring seal that prevents water from entering the watch. Remember that the water resistance of your watch has probably changed.

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