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How To Spot A Fake Michael Kors Watch And Check The Watch Serial Number

by Murat Balci on August 01, 2023
Michael Kors's pieces evoke a substantial feminine energy that is at the root of every drive forward made by the contemporary luxury brand, and this energy has made Michael Kors a household name around the world.

This alluring charisma is what draws trend-conscious shoppers to Michael Kors boutiques and motivates counterfeiters to produce knockoffs of the label's goods, particularly the watches that have become so popular.

To help you avoid spending your money on a knockoff, we've compiled this handy guide to identifying a genuine Michael Kors timepiece.

When Michael Kors watches suddenly became extremely popular in 2013, Fossil, the brand's watch manufacturer, struggled to meet demand while maintaining high standards of quality. That's why it wasn't uncommon to find discrepancies even among watches of the same model. Due to the fact that these are usually what tip you off to a fake watch, spotting a fake Michael Kors can be trickier than spotting a fake Rolex or Cartier. However, the following advice ought to work for any Michael Kors watch:

Mk Watch Dial

Michael kors watch

Counterfeiters are less likely to invest significant resources into creating fake Michael Kors watches than they would be for more high-end luxury brands like Rolex. Take careful notes on any peculiarities you find in a watch, you think might be counterfeit.

Michael Kors Logo

The Michael Kors logo on the watch face should be an exact replica of the original; the letters should be uniformly spaced, made of high-quality metals, and correctly spell out the brand name. Because counterfeiters are unlikely to take the time to painstakingly apply each letter individually, fake watches frequently have the letters of the logo connected at the bottom by the same metal they were made of, indicating that the watch is a fake.

The Subdials

Make sure the watch's subdials are working properly. In an effort to maximize profit, counterfeiters frequently omit the functional subdial hardware. Similarly, make sure that the crowns that regulate the subdials all match.

If the watch has more than one subdial, each one should be given a unique number to indicate its purpose. A replica watch can be easily identified by the presence of two or more identical subdials.

MK Case

The Caseback

Michael Kors watches are made to be as transparent as possible about the components used in their construction. All genuine Michael Kors watches have the production date, a serial number, and the phrase "all stainless steel" engraved into the metal of the caseback.

For the production date, use a six-digit code in the format DDYYMM. If the watch was made on March 12th, 2015, the date would appear as 121503 on the display. Keep this in mind because forgers will likely write the date as MMDDYY, or in this case, 031215, both of which are incorrect. Check the date against the model; if the date is before the release of the model in question, you can assume the watch is a fake.

The model number of the watch should correspond to the serial number stamped on the caseback. The number will look like MK5639, and it will be easy to look up in a database as a Michael Kors model. If the model number doesn't match a specific watch, it's likely a fake.

The Mk Case

The initials MK are engraved on the top of the crown of every Michael Kors timepiece. A fake watch can be identified by the absence of the MK or by engraving that is of poor quality or difficult to read.

Check the watch's crystal-set bezel carefully to ensure that its design is perfectly symmetrical. Since the crystals are being set with invisible metal, it is imperative that they all line up perfectly with the rest of the design and that no glue pieces are visible.

MK Bracelet

Arrows on the removable links.

Authentic Michael Kors metal bracelets are made of PVD-coated stainless steel, but knockoffs often use lightweight, cheap tin alloys coated with latex. This not only affects the bracelet's durability and weight but also its aesthetics. Unlike the PVD-coated solid stainless steel used in authentic watches, which protects the metal and makes it appear smooth and flawless, the latex coating will bring out every imperfection in the tin alloy underneath it and also make it susceptible to scratches.

Bracelets made entirely of stainless steel will have directional arrows engraved on the back of each individual link. The watch is a knockoff if the bracelet is made entirely of metal, as opposed to having plastic-looking acetate inserts like some Michael Kors models.

MK Conclusion

Always make sure you're buying from trustworthy sellers who stand behind their products 100%. If you want to know for sure that the watch you're considering is authentic Michael Kors, take it to a jeweler who can take it apart and examine the parts for themselves.



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