Jacob & Co.-Astronomia Maestro Worldtime

by Murat Balci on June 08, 2023

The Astronomia Maestro Worldtime with Carillon Minute Repeater, available from Jacob & Co. for $780,000 USD, is both visually striking and seemingly exclusive.

The watch is unlike any other on the market because it combines two highly desirable functions into one: a Carillion minute repeater and a world time complication. The company is calling the Maestro Worldtime timepiece one of the most complex watches on their roster to date.

In addition to the crystal, the case is also noteworthy. Its 18K Rose Gold housing is a stunning 55mm in diameter and 26mm thick.

The Astronomia's internal timepiece is located on one of four protruding arms that radiate out from the carousel's central axis and rotate once every ten minutes. Underneath the uncovered enclosure is a moon phase indicator.

The piece's arms propel the spinning world time Earth globe, a 60-second triple-axis tourbillion, and a beautifully painted depiction of a weightless astronaut around the piece like a satellite.

The machine-cut 288-facet and 1 ct Jacob-cut diamond are set in German silver that weighs 0.07 ounces (approximately 0.2 grams) thanks to hand engraving (a consistent element among Jacob & Co. pieces). Every 90 seconds it will spin in the opposite direction.

At a glance, you can see what time it is in cities all over the world thanks to the world time globe, which spins around once every 24 hours. Each of the four arms is a trick of modern physics designed to counteract the others. The Milky Way-inspired backdrop is the perfect finishing touch.

The three rounded gongs and hammers of the Carillon minute repeater mechanism are on display for curious onlookers. The JCFM11A movement from the manufacturer has 535 parts, which translates to a power reserve of at least 50 hours.

The tourbillon in the Astronomia Maestro was developed for pocket watches over 200 years ago, which is a pretty cool fact.

In every way, the watch is first-rate, and it has become quite popular as a result. This luxury timepiece, which exemplifies the best that the twenty-first century has to offer, is yet another home run for Jacob & Co. It's not hard to see why supporters are so thrilled with the stellar price drop.

There will be no more than 18 of this model produced. The horological display piece can be yours through Jacob & Co. for the low, low price of $780,000 USD.


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