Seiko Astron GPS Solar Watch

by Murat Balci on June 08, 2023

Seiko's special edition Astron GPS Solar watch commemorates the 160th anniversary of Kintaro Hattori's birth by paying homage to the leadership of the man who became known as the "King of watches in the East." Dressed in piano blacks and regal golds, the Astron timepiece might as well be referred to as the "king of watches."

Seiko is honoring the life, career, and accomplishments of its founder Kintaro with the limited edition Astron GPS Solar watch, which exemplifies the perfection of his vision.

The world will never forget Kintaro's opportunistic outlook during a period of massive social and industrial change in Japan, as he constantly sought to be "one step ahead of the rest."

Kintaro, who was born after the appointment of the Japanese ambassador to the United States in 1860, understood the significance of the era. Kintaro, who repaired timepieces for a living, grew his fledgling business into Japan's preeminent timepiece manufacturer. After a century and a half, the Astron once again demonstrates Seiko's global leadership in GPS Solar technology.

The world's first GPS Solar watch was created in 2012 and uses solar energy to connect to the GPS network. The Ultron provides atomic clock precision on your wrist, regardless of where you are on Earth, by adjusting your time zone with a single button press.

The new Kintaro Hattori 160th Anniversary watch exemplifies Kintaro's philosophy, keeping Seiko at the forefront of watchmaking technology for nearly two centuries.

The watch case and bracelet are made of titanium with a scratch-resistant hard coating to complement the Zirconia ceramic bezel. With sixteen facets representing each decade since Kintaro's birth, the deep black tones, gold-tone accents, and high sheen of the bezel give this watch a commanding presence. When worn on your wrist, you will embody its legacy. Additionally, it is waterproof to 200 meters and antimagnetic to 4,800 A/m.

If you dislike titanium or metal straps in general, a crocodile strap is also included in the package.

Kintaro's name and three reminders of his legacy are revealed by flipping the watch face. His trademark "S" is located in the center of the case back. Above that is his motto, "One step ahead of the competition." Atop the rim is the name Seiko, which was first used in 1924.

Every exclusive owner will receive a card containing a message from Shinji Hattori, the current chairman and CEO of the company and the great-grandson of Kintaro. The card will be enclosed in a special presentation box with a commemorative "S" mark badge.

To be a part of such a momentous occasion, visit your local Seiko Boutique or a select retail partner worldwide in October, when it will be available. But hurry, there are only 2,500 available. Kintaro Hattori. On your wrist are a businessman, a visionary, a watch industry pioneer, and a philanthropist.


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