10 Best Men’s Watches Under $500

by watchaces watchaces on April 15, 2024

Discover the Top 10 Men’s Watches Under $500 for Timeless Style.

In the horological community, a man's watch is more than simply a tool for telling time; it's also a fashion statement and an expression of character. We learn about the complex art of watchmaking, understand what distinguishes great timepieces from mediocre ones, and prepare to dive into the world of fine timepieces as we set out to find the best men's watches that are both affordable and sophisticated. This curated list features watches that aim to elevate your style without breaking the bank, showcasing everything from the precise engineering of lesser-known artisans to the sleek designs offered by renowned brands.

Michael Kors MK8405 Lexington Men’s Watch

The MK8405 Lexington from Michael Kors is a testament to the brand’s commitment to accessible luxury. With its timeless style and contemporary accents, this watch is sure to be appropriate for any event, be it formal or casual. The chronograph dials give the watch a touch of sportiness and practicality, complementing the polished appearance of the silver-tone stainless steel case and bracelet. A contemporary man who values a timepiece that can match his active lifestyle will find the Lexington, with its adaptable design, an ideal companion.

Michael Kors MK8405Michael Kors MK8405 Lexington Watch - WATCH ACESMichael Kors MK8405

Nixon A083-1035 Chrono All White Men’s Watch

Nixon’s A083-1035 Chrono is a bold statement piece with its all-white design and robust build. Nixon produces an eye-catching timepiece that is also highly functional, living up to the brand's reputation for cutting-edge design. People who care about being on time as much as they care about looking good will appreciate the 51-30 Chrono model's accurate chronograph movement. For men who aren't afraid to stand out, its unique style is essential.

Fossil ME3028 Grant Automatic Men’s Watch

The Fossil ME3028 Grant Automatic combines the timeless charm of Roman numerals with the modern appeal of a skeleton dial. The ability to see right through this watch's mechanical movement is fascinating to both watch experts and curious onlookers. The Grant Automatic is an excellent pick for daily use thanks to its sturdy stainless steel case and comfortable black leather strap.

Fossil Grant Complete Calendar Automatic Black Dial Men's Watch ME3028Fossil ME3028 Grant Automatic Men's - WATCH ACES

Emporio Armani ART5024 Quartz Men’s Watch

Emporio Armani’s ART5024 is a smartwatch that marries traditional elegance with modern technology. While retaining the characteristically elegant style of Armani watches, this timepiece adds a number of useful functions, such as the ability to track your activity, receive smart notifications, and personalize the look of the dial. If you're a man who values staying connected without compromising style, this watch is for you.

Fossil FS5325 Commuter Blue Dial Men’s Watch

The Fossil FS5325 Commuter is a watch that reflects the spirit of the urban explorer. The brown leather strap exudes an air of timeless elegance, while the blue dial celebrates the daring side of today's man. The Commuter is the perfect accessory for the man who is always on the go, thanks to its minimalist design and sleek lines.

Fossil Commuter Blue Dial Brown Leather Men's Watch FS5325Fossil  FS5325 Commuter Blue Dial Men's - WATCH ACESFossil  FS5325 Commuter Blue Dial Men's - WATCH ACES


Fossil JR1504 Nate Navy Blue Dial Chronograph Men's Watch

The Fossil JR1504 Nate Men's Watch, with its sporty design and navy blue dial and chronograph, is an excellent pick. This watch has a rugged good looks thanks to its stainless steel case and navy blue dial. Stylish and practical, the JR1504 has a chronograph and a long-lasting silicone band.

Fossil Nate Navy Blue Dial Men's Chronograph Watch JR1504Fossil JR1504 Nate Navy Blue Dial Men's Chronograph Watch - WATCH ACESFossil JR1504 Nate Navy Blue Dial Men's Chronograph Watch - WATCH ACES

Fossil ME3133 Skeleton Dial Men's Watch

The Fossil ME3133 Skeleton Dial Men's Watch will be a show-stopper for any skeleton watch enthusiast. This watch shows its inner workings with its intricate skeleton dial and stainless steel case. Watch aficionados can't live without the ME3133, thanks to its automatic movement and stylish design.

Fossil Modern Machine Automatic Skeleton Dial Men's Watch ME3133Fossil ME3133 Skeleton Dial Men's - WATCH ACES

Burberry BU9007 Grey Men's Watch

The Burberry BU9007 Grey Men's Watch is up for consideration. Sleek and sophisticated, this watch has an ion-plated case with a grey dial. The BU9007 is an heirloom-quality piece thanks to its classic style and expert construction.

Grey Dial Grey Ion-plated Men's Watch Burberry BU9007 Grey Men's Watch - WATCH ACESBurberry BU9007 Grey Men's Watch - WATCH ACES

Diesel DZ7331 Blue Dial Quartz Men's Watch

The Diesel DZ7331 is an excellent option for individuals who like a watch with a bold statement. Black ion-plated steel case and bracelet enhance the watch's striking blue dial. With a date display and chronograph functionality, this watch is both fashionable and functional. You can't help but notice the DZ7331 when you wear it.

Diesel Mr. Daddy 2.0 Blue Dial Quartz Men's Watch DZ7331

Diesel DZ7394 Big Daddy Men's Watch

The Big Daddy, another name for the Diesel DZ7394, is perfect for the man who wants to turn heads. Impressive and fashionable, this watch features a big gunmetal case and a brown leather strap. Designed with the world traveler in mind, the DZ7394 showcases multiple time zones on its intricate silver dial.

Diesel Big Daddy 2.0 Men's Watch DZ7394Diesel DZ7394 Big Daddy Men's - WATCH ACESDiesel DZ7394 Big Daddy Men's - WATCH ACES

Finally, it is completely possible to find a fashionable and dependable men's watch for less than $500. You can find a watch that suits your taste, whether it's for sporty looks, practicality, or a more traditional style. Locating the ideal timepiece to match your personal style is as easy as taking into account aspects like design, practicality, and brand reputation. So, look around until you discover the timepiece that suits you best!


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